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    【会议预告】The International Conference on Education (EDU2019) 发表时间:2018-06-27 10:53:35 浏览次数:

    The Communication Institute of Greece (COMinG) with the collaboration of 

    the Faculty of Education at Beijing Normal University

    invites you to submit your abstract at

    The International Conference on Education (EDU2019),

    13-16 May 2019, in Athens, Greece

    We invite you at the International Conference on Education (EDU2019), 13-16 May 2019, in Athens, Greece. After the organization of four (4) successful Annual International Conferences (look at Previous Conferences COMinG), the International Conference on Education (ICE2019), aims to provide an opportunity for Academics, Professionals and Industry Experts from various fields, with cross-disciplinary interests, to discuss the future prospects in the evolution of Education.

    The topics include, but are not confined to, the following areas: ‘Bilingual Education’, ‘Identity and Education’, ‘Educational Psychology’, ‘Teaching Approaches’, ‘Teacher and Student’, ‘Education Strategy’, ‘Teacher Education’, ‘Educational Foundations’, ‘Online Education’, ‘Education Technology’, ‘Special Education’,’ Teaching Methodology’, ‘Art Education/Art therapy’, ‘Bilingual Education’, ‘Computer Education’, ‘Early childhood Education’, ‘Elementary Education’, ‘Secondary Education’, ‘Higher Education’, ‘Multicultural Education’, ‘Science Education’, ‘Educational Psychology’, ‘Educational Foundations’, ‘ Health Education’, ‘Career and Technical Education’, ‘Adult Education’, ‘Business Education’ (‘Education Leadership’), ‘Ethical issues in Education’, ‘Diversity and Equality in Education’, ‘Cross-disciplinary areas of Education’, ‘Life-long Learning Education’. Topics are broadly defined, but not limited to the above.
    You may participate as a research paper presenter, a session leader (chair) or/and a session organizer, or an observer.

    Here you can upload the EDU2019_leaflet

    Abstract submission
    Please send your abstracts by 29 October 2018 to registration@coming.gr?using this template: EDU2019_Abstract_template
    Refer you abstract to   Dr. Jacqueline Stefkovich, Professor Emeritus,  Department of Education Policy Studies, The Pennsylvania State University, USA, Dr. Wang Chen, Professor & Assistant Dean, Faculty of Education, Beijing Normal University, China,  Ailson J. De Moraes, “The Excellence in Teaching” Award 2016, 2017 & Lecturer, University of London, Egham, Surrey, UK, and Dr. Robert J. Bonk, Professor of professional writing, Widener University, Chester, Pennsylvania, USA.
    Abstracts should be 300-400 words and should include the Title of Paper, Full Name (s), Affiliation (s), Current Position (s), email address, and at least 3 keywords that best describe the subject presented. Decisions are reached within 2 weeks after the abstract submission.

    Deadline to register and to submit full papers will be specified in your acceptance letter in case your abstract is accepted. Decisions will be made within two (2) weeks after your submission. If you do not receive an acknowledgment of your registration or you meet any kind of problem, please contact us at info@coming.gr

    In case you would like to participate without presenting a paper, i.e. organise a panel (session, mini conference), chair a session, review papers to be included in the conference proceedings or books, contribute to the editing of a book, or any other contribution, please send an email to Dr. Margarita KefalakiPresident, Communication Institute of Greece & V. Professor, Hellenic Open University (kefalaki.margarita@ac.eap.gr).

    Publication policy
    All accepted papers
     will be published at the conference proceedings online with ISBN. Selected papers will be published in the Journal of Media Critiques [JMC] and/or the Cambridge Scholars and/or the Journal of Management and Training for Industries.

    Conference Leaders
    ** Jacqueline Stefkovich, Professor Emeritus, Department of Education Policy Studies, The Pennsylvania State University, USA
    ** Wang Chen, Professor & Assistant Dean, Faculty of Education, Beijing Normal University, China
    ** Ailson J. De Moraes, Lecturer, Royal Holloway School of Management, University of London, Egham, Surrey, UK
    ** Robert J. Bonk, Professor of professional writing, Widener University, Chester, Pennsylvania, USA

    The registration fee is ?00 (euro), covering access to all sessions, 2 lunches, coffee breaks and conference material. In addition, a number of cultural activities that we call educational events are organized.

    Educational Events
    A number of special events are organized, such as a Greek symposium with traditional food, music, dance and wine, a social dinner, a special Athens educational walking tour, a one-day educational island tour, a Mycenae visit, and a day trip to Delphi. Details of the social program are available here.

    Conference Venue – Conference Hotel
    Special arrangements will be made with a luxurious local hotel for a limited number of rooms at a special conference rate. The Conference Hotel will also be the Conference Venue, which is very convenient for the participants.

    The Communication Institute of Greece?(COMinG) was established in 2003 in France. In Greece, since 2013, it is an independent academic association that has for mission to become a forum, where academics, researchers, professionals, and friends – from all over the world – can meet in Greece to exchange ideas on their research and to discuss future developments in their disciplines.
    You are more than welcome to become a member and contribute to the Institute’s objectives. If you would like to become a member, please download the relevant form (membership form). For more information on how to become a member, please send an email to info@coming.gr

    The conference is under the auspices of the European Economic Interest Grouping. The Center of Intercultural Dialog and The Braun Foundation for International Exchange are our sponsors of communication/ conference promotion.

    For more information please send an email to Ms. Evi Naki at info@coming.gr


    European Economic Interest Grouping, European Union

    ? Copyright 2013. The Communication Institute of Greece. All rights reserved.

    The Communication Institute of Greece is an associate member of the European Economic Interest Grouping, European Union


    For more details on International Conference on Education, please visit http://coming.gr/index.php/edu2019/


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