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    【已结束】【讲座预告】美国教育史系列讲座II 发表时间:2018-05-30 16:06:19 浏览次数:
    The Dewey Dilemma: 
    Progressive Education, Democracy and Imperialism in American Schools

    【主讲人】Daniel Perlstein, Associate Professor,
         Graduate School of Education, University of California at Berkeley

    6月6日    18:00-20:15 pm  英东楼442  进步主义学校的殖民主义意识形态
    6月7日    18:00-20:15 pm  英东楼442  美属殖民地的进步主义教育
    6月8日    18:00-20:15 pm  英东楼442  面向印第安人与黑人的进步主义教育
    6月10日    8:00-10:15am   英东楼442  进步主义教育中的种族与阶级问题
    6月11日    8:00-10:15am   英东楼442  杜威在中国
    6月12日   8:00 -10:15am   英东楼442  进步主义对当下教育学的型塑

    【讲座概览】 These lectures focus on a two-ness that has shaped the history of American education.  On the one hand, Americans have consistently envisioned schools as crucial agencies for the development of citizenship; on the other, they have systematically excluded from civic education certain classes of undesirables who were deemed unfit to be citizens. Schooling for citizenship and for its denial, I argue, have not been mutually exclusive options between which policymakers and educators have chosen; rather, they have mutually constituted one another. Moreover, understanding this history requires viewing United States education in its global context.
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